Breaking news – man reconstitutes dead artery

Just like a Hollywood movie, you know the ending to this blog. You know I’m still alive and writing. ET goes home. Bill and Ted have excellent adventures. Mattie Ross sees her father’s killer brought to justice. Killer shark is brought to justice for killing tourists by police chief. Guy has a stroke and slowly recovers, enough so that he’s able to write about it. (Introduce sweep of full orchestra swelling to life-fulfilling crescendo)

The idea behind Re-doable is that I’d write about the stroke in chronological order, starting in February 2011, a full nine months after my stroke. It was the first time I felt I had my mojo back and could sustain and entertain the slog of blog writing. This meant slaving over a keyboard for about a week for new post, typing, editing, getting the facts straight, worrying over phrases and sorting through memories that cropped up when deep thinking about a subject. It was a cathartic experience – still is.

Now, though, I need to interrupt to bring you what we call in the news business, breaking news, a news bulletin (American phrase), or news flash. Something happened that my consultant specialist wanted to see me in a hurry last month because he was amazed at what he found.

The stroke left me with a blocked carotid artery on the left side – completely – I saw it. My original consultant showed me the result of the scan on my neck done two days after my stroke and the image showed the artery was completely blocked. It was like a child had coloured the space between two lines in black. I was told that it was what caused the stroke. The artery was effectively dead and I wouldn’t get it back.

That was the state of the left side.

This new appointment, 14 months later (at my insistence, not the registrar [junior doctor] who said it had already been looked at), was to check a scan on the right side, to make sure I didn’t have “furring” that would cause another stroke. It was the same – clear. And just to be sure, they scanned the left side at the same time.

The vascular surgeon brought me in with a sheaf of papers and looked rather solemn with a medical student in tow. At this point I’m expecting the worst (cancer of the: name the body part).

Now the consultant says he’s got sort of good news and bad news.

The left side artery, the dead one that caused the stroke, showed in the scan it had opened up, and the doctor says that never happens.

The doctor is quick to add that it doesn’t mean I’ll regain the speech I lost, it means I’ve made medical history.

(Whoppee. I’ll notify the Guinness World Records people. They’ll want to know of a reborn artery that has come back from the dead.)

It also means I stand a chance of having another stroke.

(Whoppee- yippee yeah ky yeah – I might get to go through this wonderful experience AGAIN)

So the doctor is going check with some experts so he can give me the best advice on whether to operate or not.

See what happens when you have the best diet and exercise – you open yourself to further danger!

Stay tuned. We now return to my regularly scheduled, time-delayed blog.


4 responses to “Breaking news – man reconstitutes dead artery

  1. interesting mixed news.apparently the #1 cause of having a stroke is having had one before. i’m in a similar position, despite two interventions to get rid of the AVM that caused my stroke a recent scan shows it’s still there, so i was initially nervous, now i just get on with life, exercise and eat right, i go for a scan every six months, i just choose to forget about it – life’s hard enough.

  2. Your doctor really needs to study up on the Circle of Willis, a blocked carotid artery does not directly cause a stroke, what normally happens is that the plaque lining the artery tears, clots, clot travels to brain

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