What’s the frequency Kenneth?

Psychology Today illustration

“Our work suggests that some problems with learning and memory are caused by synapses not
being tuned to the right frequency,” said Mehta. If that’s true, the
findings may lead to new therapies for treating
learning disabilities.
drugs can be developed to
“retune” the brain rhythms of people with learning or memory
disorders. “We already know there are drugs and electrical stimuli that
can alter brain rhythms,” Mehta said. “Our findings suggest that we
can use these tools to deliver the optimal brain rhythm to targeted connections
to enhance learning.”

I came upon this article from Psychology Today (grammatical
error in the headline is not mine) about scientists who are studying the brain
and think they can do wonderful things with their theory. They say if they can
just use their theory to fine tune in to the radio station in our brain, they
can adjust learning or memory disorders. It’s like it’s on another wavelength. Imagine
the morning zoo team from your local radio station taking over your brain with
tasers or drugs.

Oh great. This brain I’ve got that’s been zapped by a stroke
might just be on the wrong frequency. It brought to mind the phrase: “What’s
the frequency, Kenneth?”
as uttered by the man who attacked CBS newsman Dan
Rather in New York in 1986. It later became slang (in America at least) for somebody
who is confused or clueless, as well as an R.E.M. song.

So what’s the frequency of my brain now and what does it
stand to gain from this theory? Can I learn anything new?

Since the stroke I have re-learned some of the language I
lost, but I still can’t speak it properly (asphasia).

I have re-taught my right hand how to hold a pen and write,
and on the keyboard that hand occasionally contributes to the output, but it’s
painfully slow.

My brain currently is slow. My reactions are slow. My memory
is slow.

But first I’ve got to have an operation to my carotid
artery (carotid endarterectomy). It means cutting out the chances of having another stroke. I don’t want
to go backwards.

Then I’ll be ready.

So, shoot the juice to me Bruce. Drugs or electrical stimuli.

The only way is forward.


2 responses to “What’s the frequency Kenneth?

  1. I’m probably overly cynical about the efficacy of medical intervention on brain injury. I’ve taken every medication under the sun and done hours of rehab. Nothing. They can do f*ck all because the brain is just too complicated and too inexplicable and too fragile to do anything useful with. I’m actually angry that so called brain scientists get so much Kudos. The only one who seems to be any good is Dr Jill Bolte Taylor http://www.ted.com/talks/jill_bolte_taylor_s_powerful_stroke_of_insight.html, and that is a lot to do with the fact she had her stroke in the first place.

    • I didn’t have much to lose and a lot if I had another stroke. Besides I picked up a wealth of characters for my blog including the physio I took the piss out of who I met face to face, Long John Silver and Sonny Bono (minus Cher).

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