The screaming pirate presents his demands

Copyright: me

After my cardiovascular surgery

It was a beautiful portrait inside my mind, a blue Monet through which I crept effortlessly, neither cold nor warm, neither here nor there.

Then, from a distance, a scream crept into my unconscious, my drug-induced sleep.

First I thought it was the thing of nightmares, but slowly the phrase kept repeating itself: I WANT TO GET OUTTA HERE! OUTTA HERE! OUTTA HERE!

Louder, the same phrase.


When I was fully awake it was still there, only louder yet.


It was the unseen screaming pirate in next ward (think Robert Newton’s version of Long John Silver, an exaggerated West Country accent, loud and brash).

He had a specific demand, put simply, and the point of which was obvious.

It got me thinking – this is the day the surgeon said I should be going home. Maybe I would join the pirate’s lonely soliloquy if I were here the same time tomorrow.


2 responses to “The screaming pirate presents his demands

  1. Well, wanting to escape is at least an honourable thing to want, when I was on a shared ward there was a fat unpleasant man who would demand food. He used to call the nurses ‘servers’ and he would pretend not to understand English. Apparently it was his stroke that made him like that. B*******, although who knows what these bloody things do

  2. Another survivor says ‘Hello’. My street credits are these: in 2002, I had emergency brain surgery in Cedars-Sinai Los Angeles. I shit in bed for several weeks until my body decided to work again. Then rehab for 3 months. But I’m sure you’ve gone through you’ve gone through your own hell. All I want to do is to say, “Welcome, fellow traveler”.

    We probably have much to share. I have multiple handicaps as you will learn, and I hope I will not scare you away. I am a retired psychotherapist, a grandfather of three, a lover of words elude me. Like Frankenstein’s wish for love.

    You’re photographs are achingly beautiful. We both see God in Nature.

    Street Cred [its]

    First man: “I’m from Maine and got a 4.0 from Harvard. My parents are both on the fortune 500 list and are still together”

    Second man responds, “Man, you are wack! You don’t got no street cred, sucker”.

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