An insult to my brain – the world’s got a new perspective

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The surgeon told me today that the operation on my carotid artery went better than expected and he had the pictures to prove it. I had a scan four days ago of both carotid arteries in preparation  for  this visit and as he held them up, it looked like a map of river, clear sailing with no rocks or sandbars or trees or even icebergs in sight. (Global warming probably)

So, there’s a good chance I won’t have another stroke.

The surgeon seemed rather pleased with himself, as well he should, but he let drop that if the truth be told, he was kinda worried about the outcome. Such candour from a surgeon! But at least he was being honest POST-surgery, rather than PRE-surgery where the word from him just before the slicing and dicing began was: don’t worry, I’ve done plenty these.

Now, asked how I was doing, I said that in some ways I found I had gone backwards in the recovering from the stroke – I felt my right arm needed rehabilitation more since the operation. I noticed in typing this blog my right arm didn’t contribute as much to the output. I put it at 60%. I felt dizzyness at times. He said the brain “had an insult” with the surgery, so there  was bound to be some backtracking.

I was happy and sad. Happy at what surgeon said; unhappy at the setback. It was enough to trigger my pseudobulbar affect, my emotional lability, or put simply, my emotional incontince.


3 responses to “An insult to my brain – the world’s got a new perspective

  1. I am so happy you had a good outcome and I am sure you will progress back to where you were again soon.
    I agree — I would not have wanted my surgeon to be at all wishy washy before hand!

    I also am at low risk for another stroke.. problems resolved .. but I must say that I am incredibly motivated to do anything possible to try and be healthy and prevent any further brain injuries.

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