Self-doubt creeps in

I saw this during the week and I forgot to write down where it came from. I’m sorry, I’m using it without attribution, but it perfectly illustrates my mind at this point in time. Comment to me and the glory is yours for such an image!

“No thought has much meaning until it is written or spoken” – Harry Reasoner, CBS & ABC News anchorman

Reasoner was one of my writing heroes (along with Charles Kuralt). Harry and I had a glass of wine or two together in the basement in the building of where ABC News was broadcast from New York City in the early 70’s. He wasn’t as erudite at this meeting as I remember; he was supposed to be talking me into working for ABC News. But this quote from some stage of his long career rang true: I could think all I wanted about this Stroke Association project that I had created in my mind, but until I wrote something it wouldn’t have real meaning. ‘Spoken for meaning’ was not an option due to the stroke erasing my brain-to-tongue function. I think they call it aphasia.

Which brings us to the situation at hand: still no word from The Stroke Association about them using my extensive media career to its advantage.

One research project is now out suggesting there is a good chance people who have had strokes also have resulting depression. “Researchers defined depression as among other things: loss of interest and pleasure in doing things; feelings of sadness, helplessness and hopelessness…”

Well, I have the interest, but I’m feeling helpless at not getting the attention of The Stroke Association and that is leading to hopelessness.

This is really getting me down.

Maybe I am past my sell-by date, over-the-hill, or, dare I mention it, disabled by the stroke.

I re-sent the emails. As Del Boy said: “You know it makes sense.”


3 responses to “Self-doubt creeps in

  1. The Stroke Association are f* useless Lou, and it’s not just them – you email any number of organisations, they’re not ignoring you, they’re just being too lazy and incompetent. You have to phone these f* or turn up. That’s my take. Email maybe our lifeblood but it’s not anyone elses.

  2. It takes courage and strength to write and wait. I admire that you keep going. There’s a story somewhere in the Bible about a man fighting a battle until his hand stuck to the sword. He was victorious after all.

  3. My uninformed somewhat Easterish advice is not to have all your eggs (or hopes) in one basket. I think you should just keep writing and sending it out there.

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