Be careful what you say around the children

My 4-year-old grandson Baxter, with whom I’ve shared many a deep conversation on life, has asked his Nana:

“What’s the matter with Granddad.”

As he learns more about the complexities of language, he finally noticed something was wrong with my stroke-addled speech. And so the last bastion of normal conversation with Baxter, for me at least, had ended.

The effect of a stroke now had one more victim, and then future conversations between us will be tainted with his knowledge that I don’t speak properly.

I have one recourse for continuing unbridled conversation – my other grandson, Arthur, is almost two, and is just forming his first sentences.

He needs someone to talk to.

And so do I.


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7 responses to “Be careful what you say around the children

  1. You’ve got quite cute grandkids Lou. I imagine if you’re anything like other grandparents of your generation they make you happier than a pig in sh*t. It took me a while to get used to my parents and my carers not actually caring about anything else but I’m over it now

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  3. It’ll take your little one some time to adjust to the fact that you speak differently than everyone else models speech to him. But your conversations might not end – he may surprise you. Kids have a much greater ability than adults to recognize and comprehend speech patterns…it’s why it’s best to learn teach kids a second language at a young age. And maintaining a good relationship with you and being able to spend time with you is going to be a powerful motivator for working with you to learn to understand your speech patterns. Don’t give up hope quite yet.

    Your grandkids are adorable, by the way. 🙂

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