Guess who had a stroke


A funny thing happened today – Thursday, 10 January 2013 – BBC’s Andrew Marr had a stroke.

Not funny ha-ha, but strange funny because the news of that stroke set the whole stroke network into a frenzy of action.

Twitter was a-tweat with the news.

The Stroke Association came up with a statement:

The BBC broadcaster Andrew Marr, who presents Radio 4’s Start the Week and the Andrew Marr Show on BBC1 has had a stroke. He was taken ill on Tuesday 9 January and is now in hospital and doctors say he is responding well to treatment.

Joe Korner, Director of Communications at the Stroke Association says;

“We are deeply saddened to hear about Andrew Marr’s stroke and our thoughts are with him and his family at this hard time. Around 150,000 people have a stroke every year in the UK and around a quarter of these are in people of working age. A stroke happens in an instant but the effects can often last a lifetime. However with the right care and support it is possible to make a recovery and return to a life after stroke. If anyone is worried or concerned about stroke please call the stroke Helpline on 0303 3033 100.”

But I was impressed with Kate Allatt’s response. She started Fighting Strokes – Young & Locked in Syndrome charity and blogs on the subject.

With Kate Allat, a stroke survivor, she has news you can use, not statistics.

–          #ANDREWMARR LISTEN TO THE WHOLE STROKE DEBATE ON VANESSA FELTS 10/01/2013 at 22 mins onwards…

 –          Saving #AndrewMarr – My top 8 stroke recovery tips.. 

And the same with Joan Scott (Previously:Teen Agony Aunt for AOLUK. Community Manager and Internet Safety Advisor) who has a daughter who had a stroke and recently had a stroke herself. She, too, offered down to earth stuff in fact she appeared to have the news first – EXCLUSIVE, as the newspapers put it: 

– It’s funny how people make jokes about strokes, but never about cancer. Well, not funny really but you know what I mean.

– I keep telling people I’m a survivor. I refuse to be a victim. It’s taken away enough without that!

– I wonder if Andrew Marr is on the geriatric ward, like 18 year old Sarah was. Not a nice experience, even though we love the #NHS

Me? I offered this:

All of a sudden the morning news is filled with news about stroke. Oh. It’s because we recognise who it got.

Other charities, “celebrities” and just plain people chimed in with support and wishes as Twitter became a fence post for people leave their tributes and wishes for a speedy recovery.

All the emotional effort went in Andrew Marr’s corner, although there was another stroke story on the wires. I tweeted about a BBC death –

“Waiting for another statement on stroke. Nothing about this BBC man, Alasdair Milne and his stroke.”

And there was a stroke-related story about drinking four cups of tea helping to slash the risk of stroke.

Save for one death,  it was a good day for stroke news.

I’ll put the kettle on.


2 responses to “Guess who had a stroke

  1. Sardonic stuff Lou. Isn’t it amazing how it’s suddenly interesting, your comment about how nobody makes Jokes about Cancer had me laughing on the other side of my face. January is sh*t.

  2. Thank you for another excellent blog post. I value these very highly and often use them with some of my clients in therapy as a point of discussion – or to inspire. Please keep writing with kind regards Jo

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