After month of induced aphasia awareness (as ordered by the US Congress) I’m convinced I am never going to be cured of aphasia.  It leaves me feeling like this Eric Johanssen photo.

thank you facefistcopyright-2011-erik-johansson-all-rights-reserved.jpg

thank you facefistcopyright-2011-erik-johansson-all-rights-reserved.jpg


2 responses to “Aphasia

  1. Louis,
    Your written words are very rich and vibrant despite your remaining aphasia!
    Your humorous style of presenting the agonizing struggle you face everyday offers other stroke victims a powerful testimony with which they can identity.
    My last post on my own blog is titled The Crosses We Bear and I feel you are using yours to not only help yourself, but to inform others about aphasia.
    Bravo for your excellent work!

  2. Hi ldelaforet! I love your work! I know many doctors give a pessimistic diagnosis saying “whatever you recover within six months of your stroke is all that you will regain”, however this isn’t true. Have you tried intensive speech therapy? I work for the University of MIchigan Aphasia Program, and although I would love to work with ASHA to get insurance companies to cover speech-language therapy, the program really does work. We are a non-profit program and we have proven, measurable results with our clients. Any therapy with less than 8 hours of therapy per week shows little to no results. We combine 23-25 hours of therapy per week and also offer part time options. Best of luck! Hang in there and I wish you well! 🙂

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